Race Info

Race Week Schedule

Welcome, I hope you decide to join us for the 5th annual Standhope Ultra Challenge! The 60K/30K will be Saturday August 11th. Prepare for a world-class, literally breathtaking mountain course that will leave you smiling all the way to the finish.


Thursday, July 25th

0600: Course marking from Park Creek CG to Fall Creek Trailhead. If you can help, let us know!

0800: Course marking from Fall Creek Trailhead to Star Hope CG.

Friday, July 26th

2 PM-4 PM: Packet pick-up at The Elephant’s Perch in downtown Ketchum.

5 PM: Packet pick-up at The Community School.

6 PM: Pre-race briefing at The Community School. Packet pick-up will continue afterward until 7:00 PM.

Saturday, July 27th

5 AM: late packet pick-up for 60K at Park Creek Campground.

5:55 AM: The Anthem, performed by your Race Director.

6 AM: 60K race start at Park Creek Campground

7:30 AM: Late packet pick-up for 30K at Fall Creek Trailhead.

8:30 AM: 30K race start at Fall Creek Trailhead. Important Note: Runners will not be allowed to start the race without carrying a minimum of 40 oz. of water, 600 safety calories, and a jacket. This is of utmost importance for your safety. This will be checked upon race check-in.

Race Shuttle: departs from the finish line periodically during the afternoon and evening, generally around 2, 5, and 8 PM.


  • All 60K runners need to pass through Fall Creek (mile 20ish) by 2:00 PM for a finish.  Any runner at the aid station at this exact moment will be pulled from the race due to the safety and consideration of our dedicated hike-in volunteers.


  1. No littering.  Vast amounts of this course are proposed wilderness.  Let’s treat it as such.
  2. Runners MUST leave Fall Creek Trailhead with a minimum of 40 oz. of water, 600 safety calories, and a jacket.
  3. Pass on the left and warn the runner in front of you!
  4. Closed Course: this means no deviation, and cutting of switchbacks is strictly prohibited. Runners who make their way to the finish line after passing through Broad Canyon Campground will be given an unofficial finish.
  5. DNFs: once the race has started, quitting means you are done.  You will turn in your bib and declare your race finished.  Stage Race: If you are on a team, and your partner quits, you surrender your ability to go on.  No unofficial runners on the last 18 miles of the course (Fall Ck-Surprise Valley-Baptie Lk-White Mountain Tr)
  6. Indecent Exposure: nudity is strictly prohibited.  If you need to go, there are plenty of shrubberies on the course.
  7. No stashing of aid on the course!  It will attract animals and the prankster RD.
  8. Cars: headphones and cars are a safety issue.  Make sure you can hear vehicles driving on the road.

Driving Information

There are several different routes you can take to get to the race. All involve driving on dirt roads (obeying posted speed limits will save you a tire!). You can drive with a trailer up Trail Creek Road, but BE CAREFUL. It is a 10% grade in places and you will find yourself in a pickle if you don’t take your time. If you have a trailer, the drive to Mackay is the easier method.

Parking: please read carefully

Alright, so remember-this event is watched very closely by the public land officials that maintain the area. Parking at Fall Creek, especially, will be tight. Don’t plan on parking at the trailhead, we will have several other spots close by for you to park your vehicle, within walking distance of the start line. The future of the race depends on your willingness to park at these locations. We will have a map posted soon.

At the 60K start line, please remember to park far on the shoulder of the main road, but not far enough to destroy vegetation. Please do not camp in Park Creek Campground if you don’t pay! Be a good neighbor to the outdoor enthusiasts that didn’t realize there might be a race going on.

Aid Stations

Please view the 2017 Aid Station Chart at this link


  • All runners will receive a unique award for their completion of the event. Last year we did engraved glasses and may do a similar one for this year.
  • Age group awards: one deep for 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, etc.
  • Prize Purse:
    • Prizes will be donated by our sponsors.  The ultimate goal of this race is to raise money for the ARPKD/CHF Alliance. We plan to have another sweet quilt to raffle off again this year! $5 per raffle ticket.


  • There are many campgrounds in the area, and lots of free dispersed camping areas in the there area too. Camping by the finish line or start line are your best options. Star Hope is a large campground with many spots available. There is a good chance that when you arrive for the weekend, this campground will be completely full, as it is quite popular. You may camp outside of the campground, as there are areas for dispersed camping south of it (some of those dispersed sites are pretty nice). Broad Canyon is another good one, and Lake Creek Campground, or Muldoon Canyon.  If you are doing the 30K, camping at Wildhorse Campground in Wildhorse Canyon would be another good spot, as it is close to the start line for the 30K.
  • Camping will be on a first come, first served basis and will not be reserved for runners.


A shuttle is provided. We are getting details sorted out, but there will be a shuttle.  It will fill up.  You must pay to get a shuttle ride.  If you haven’t please inform the RD of your need for a shuttle, please contact the RD. Once the bus fills up, there will not be any more bus tickets sold.

Aid Stations

  • The aid stations on the course will be very well stocked.  This is a race put on by seasoned ultramarathoners who know what foods are best appreciated during these races.
  • Food we will have on the course this year: Bananas, boiled potatoes with salt, broth, cookies, fig newtons, gummy bears, PB & J sandwiches, M & Ms, turkey sandwiches, Nutella (at later aid stations), oranges, pickles, potato chips, pretzels, Ritz crackers, bite-sized candy bars and watermelon.  We will have Coke, cold Pioneer Mountains water (MMMMMmm), and Hammer HEED.  You can expect ice at Fall Creek, mile 20.
  • If you have friends or family that are interested in helping at one of our remote aid stations, feel free to direct them to the Race Director. We would love to have some extra help!

Training on the Course

Please wait until all the snow has melted off the course before attempting any running on it. Reports from locals say “these mountains are wolves in sheep’s clothing” when it comes to passing through the Pioneers during winter. Please use discretion when training, and know when to turn back if conditions are bad. With much of the course being above 9,000 feet, the potential for a bad storm to blow in and change a nice day into a scary one is not totally out of the picture. The course is very difficult as well, with some “trails” being rough and unmaintained, especially as you enter Surprise Valley and traverse the saddle above Betty Lake. On race day, the Race Director holds the final say if the weather turns sour. We have a backup course ready if this happens.